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  • PATIENT REGISTRATION PATIENT REGISTRATION Patient registration module allows registering of patient into system. Every patient is provided a unique id which is can be used later to identify patient uniquely. This is permanent patient id which will not change. This unique id makes searching of patient in system real easy and avoids any confusion due to similarities in names, address, etc. This id is not based on year or change if year is changed. This further ensure same id and avoids duplication of patient information. This feature is really important to keep patients history up to date and accessible very quickly and easily.
  • CASE PAPER CASE PAPER Case paper Every patient registration starts with case paper. When a case paper is created, patient registration is also done at same place. There is concept of new case paper and Old case paper. When patient comes for first time, new case paper and in turn patient registration is done. Follow-up visits should be entered as old case paper to ensure correct patient history. Case paper can be printed upon request.
  • CASEPAPER REPORTS CASEPAPER REPORTS Case paper Reports Reports like daily list of patients, new patient, old patients are available. All reports can be filtered based upon all available fields and combination of fields. Summary reports are also available which provides information on day basis. This information can be directly used for accounting purpose without any need of change.
    For example,
    i) Reports of only Females who have registered in last week.
    ii) Reports like all males of age between 40-45 from medicine dept.
    iii) Report for all Females with certain disease who has registered last month
  • PATIENT SEARCH PATIENT SEARCH Patient Search Powerful patient search facility is provided which ensures that duplicate patient information is not registered into system. Patient can be searched based on ID and also from name field. Patient first name, middle name or last name can be used to search patient information. No need to enter complete information for the patient, initials will provide results which ensure you find correct patient id. Patient search is specially designed operation which ensures fast search of patient information without waiting.
  • OPD BILL OPD BILL OPD Bill OPD Bill can be created for any Patient. User just needs to enter patient id in OPD Bill entry screen. Blank OPD bill will be ready, where user need to add OPD Bill item e.g. Dressing, Injection, etc. along with quantity. Concession amount is also provided in case hospital is providing any. Final amount is calculated automatically and is non-modifiable. Here, patient information is not required to be filled. Only Registration id is needed and previously filled information will be used. This ensures quick and accurate OPD Bill creation. OPD Bill also includes facility which is used to link to doctor payment. If any opd item is marked for doctor payment, then doctor name will be asked for the opd bill item which is linked for doctor payment.
  • OPD REPORTS OPD REPORTS OPD Reports Reports like Daily and periodic Collection of OPD amount, Dept. wise, etc. can be generated from system. Every Bill is automatically saved with the name of the person who actually created the bill. This ensures any misunderstanding between OPD Bill clerks about amount collection along with security. Various filtering options are available to all OPD Reports. All summary reports can be used for accounting purpose without need of change.
  • OPD BILL ITEMS OPD BILL ITEMS OPD Bill Items OPD Bill items e.g. Injection, Dressing, X-Ray, etc. can be added dynamically into system. All these items can be grouped into category wise. E.g. X-Ray and Sonography can be categorized as Radiology. This helps to find OPD items quickly at the time of billing. Reports can be generated based on category or individual items. If any opd bill item is not required which can be marked as inactive which will remove it from OPD Bill items list
  • OPD DOCTOR PAYMENT OPD DOCTOR PAYMENT OPD Doctor Payment Every OPD Bill items can be marked for doctor payment. Doctor payment for OPD Bill item can be based on either Percentage or Fixed payment. If item is marked as percentage then doctor payment is calculated based on percentage of amount for that opd item. Fixed amount multiplied by quantity is calculated as doctor payment for opd items marked as Fixed.
  • IPD ADMISSION IPD ADMISSION IPD Admission Patient is admitted into hospital using unique patient id. Same id used for IPD and no need to enter information again. Reports like daily, periodic admission list can be generated using system. Information like Medical insurance, Kin and Medico legal case can be entered at the time of patient admission.
  • IPD ADVANCE PAYMENT IPD ADVANCE PAYMENT IPD Advance Payment Patient advance payment can be entered using system. Many times advance from patient is collected before long procedure or operation. Payment collected as advance from patient is later considered at the time of final bill settlement.
  • IPD PATIENT DISCHARGE IPD PATIENT DISCHARGE IPD Patient Discharge IPD Patient needs to be discharged to release his bed. Once patient is released patient billing information can be entered and patient information can be viewed into discharged patient list.
  • IPD PATIENT BILL IPD PATIENT BILL IPD Patient Bill IPD Patient bill can be entered after patient is discharged. While entering IPD Bill we just need to enter patient unique id and all patient information is brought from patient registration module. IPD Bill items can be selected similar to OPD bill items. IPD Bill items and OPD Bill items are separate. IPD Bill items are arranged in categories similarly as OPD Bill items. While entering IPD Bill user need to enter quantity and concession as applicable. Amount is calculated automatically and is unmodifiable. Every IPD bill is saved with name of the clerk who created it to ensure no conflict for payment collection. IPD Bill items marked for doctor payment must be provided doctor name to ensure correct payment. IPD Bill can be printed and given to patient. Every IPD Bill is printed unique code which is generated from information in the bill. This ensures security against data alteration and fake IPD Bills.
  • IPD REPORTS IPD REPORTS IPD Reports Reports like daily admitted patient list, Discharged patient list, IPD amount collection, occupancy, concession can be generated from system. System also generated report like periodic summary of IPD Collection. All reports can be filtered based on all available fields like gender, age, department, doctor, etc.
  • PATIENT PAYMENT SUMMARY PATIENT PAYMENT SUMMARY Patient Payment Summary This report displays patient's payment and bills. This report considers all the aspects like payment received through medical insurance and payment received through medical aid.
  • REFUND REFUND Refund IPD and OPD are supported with refund functionality. In case there is refund needed for patient, entry can be made through this module. Refund is considered for IPD Bill patient bill settlement. Refund amount can be viewed into patient credit summary report. Refund reason is mandatory while entering refund voucher
  • REFUND REPORT REFUND REPORT Refund Report Refund reports can be generated from system providing all the information about refund. Daily and periodic summary reports about refund are also available from the system.
  • MASTERS MASTERS Master Various masters are available in the systems. Doctors list, Department list, Rooms list, IPD and OPD Bill items, etc. is available for easy operation of the system.
  • DOCTOR PAYMENT DOCTOR PAYMENT Doctor Payment Doctor payment details are captured while entering IPD and OPD bills for every bill item. Doctor Amount captured can be viewed in various doctor payment reports. Reports displays doctor wise eligible payment. Doctor Payment for IPD Bills is considered after bills are settled completely. Doctor payment report is generated with sum of all daily IPD and OPD collection. Details of every payment calculations can also be generated from system.


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