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Android based Point of sales (POS)

Android Based Point of Sale

By connecting printer using OTG (on-the-go) cable to any android device, it is possible to directly print from android application. This works in user level so rooting of android device is not necessary. Currently android 4.4 version provides printing support. Which does not allow us to directly connect printer through USB port to android device and print from android application. Using this Android printing library, it is possible to print to Epson’s dot matrix, POS printer from any android application. Any application can use API provided by this printing library and print to USB attached printer. Android device must be connected to USB printer through OTG cable.

Goto Google Play to download CASH REGISTER app
Goto Google Play to download POINT OF SALE app

Printing Library

Android printing library provides many API to print to USB attached printer. Below are main features of this library
  • 1. API are provided as library, which allows any application to use from their application.
  • 2. This library works in user space and Rooting of android device is not necessary.
  • 3. Printing library provides API to print in text mode and graphics mode
  • 4. Using API, it is possible to print images, text, etc.
  • 5. As library provides API for graphics, data from any international languages can be printed

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Benefits of using android library

Currently android do not have any direct API support to print to USB printers. This makes it impossible to write applications that will print directly to USB printers. This is very important features which restricts android based applications to print to USB devices. This important feature restricts use of android devices for many common uses. Below are some important features

  • 1. Using this printing library allow android apps to print to directly to USB printers without any kind of limitations
  • 2. This library allows text printing, which is very fast for invoices, bills, etc.
  • 3. This library allows graphics printing, using it printing in any international language is possible for example, Japanese, german, hindi, kannad, etc.
  • 4. As this is library this works in user space so ROOTing of android devices is not necessary. This makes applications plug and play.
  • 5. Demo application already shows printing of PDF, jpg, png, etc.
  • 6. Currently no manufacturer is providing such API to print to USB through OTG
  • 7. Having such API early, App developers would provide support for printing using API.
  • 8. Having support for Epson’s printer in your app would cause most end customers to consider your app for their printing needs. This will boost sale and in this market early bird is clear winner.
  • 9. Android tabs are cost effective alternative to thin computing. It is possible to use android devices instead of computers. Android devices can be used for data entry terminals. Having direct printing facility, for android devices makes them smartest option for data entry terminals like retail shops, POS, malls, restaurants, toll booths and virtually to any type of POS counter.